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Our people


Professor Nicholas Cronk
Clare Fletcher
Publisher and Business Development
Dr Gillian Pink
OCV Research Editor
Georges Pilard
OCV Research Editor
Dr Alison Oliver
OCV Research Editor
Karen Chidwick
OCV Publishing Manager
Pippa Faucheux
OCV Publishing Manager
Dr Martin Smith
OCV Senior Editor (freelance)
Professor Gregory S. Brown
General Editor and Senior Research Fellow
Hayley O’Connell
Dr Glenn Roe
Digital Research Fellow
Dr Avi Lifschitz
Academic Programme Director


Professor Roger Ainsworth, Professor of Engineering Science, University of Oxford Professor Ros Ballaster, Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies, Mansfield College, Oxford Professor Nathalie Ferrand, CNRS Paris Professor Russell Goulbourne, Professor of French Literature, King’s College London Professor Marion Hobson, Professor of French, Queen Mary, University of London Professor Christophe Martin, Professor of French Language and Literature, Université Paris-Sorbonne Dr David McCallam, Reader in French Eighteenth-Century Studies, University of Sheffield Professor Karen O’Brien, Head of Humanities Division, Oxford Professor Ritchie Robertson, co-opted member, Queen’s College, University of Oxford Professor Alexis Tadié, Professor of English Literature, University of Paris-Sorbonne Dr Sarah Thomas, Vice President for the Harvard Library Professor Catriona Seth, Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature, All Souls College, University of Oxford Professor Alain Viala, Professor of French, University of Oxford, Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall