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Œuvres de 1768 (II)

Œuvres complètes de Voltaire
Vol. No.
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Volume editor(s)
Volume editor(s): 
Brenda M. Bloesch, Jacqueline Hellegouarc'h, R. J. V. Cotte et al
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About the Book

About the Book: 

In 1767-1768 Voltaire wrote multiple times to the French authorities, whether to persuade them to improve living conditions in the Pays de Gex or to defend his own reputation as a royal historian. He also published plays, short stories and essays on topics as diverse as economics, religious tolerance and literary criticism.

His fantasy La Princesse de Babylone was widely successful, both as a highly comic tale and an expression of Enlightenment values. Voltaire also turned his hand to comic opera in Les Deux Tonneaux and Le Baron d’Otrante, as well as displaying his now familiar dexterity in verse fable and tragedy. His play Les Guèbres as a theatrical reworking of the arguments of the Traité sur la tolerance, which condemned establishment anti-Protestantism, through the story of the persecution of a minority religion under the Roman Empire.

Voltaire’s work on economic theory displays both his debt to the prevailing views of his time and his independence from them, in regarding human welfare, rather than national power, as the goal of economic activity. In some respects, 1768 can be regarded as a year of relative optimism for Voltaire, in the belief that the philosophic cause was gaining ground.

Table of Contents

La Princesse de Babylone (Jacqueline Hellegouarc'h)

L'Homme aux quarante écus (Brenda M. Bloesch)

Avertissement de l'édition du théâtre de 1768 (W. S. Rogers)

Les Guèbres (John Renwick)

Les Deux tonneaux (R. J. V. Cotte)

Le Baron d'Otrante (R. J. V. Cotte)

Le Marseillois et le lion (Sylvain Menant)



Studi Francesi, 135:3

Le texte le plus important de ce gros volume est constitué par La Princesse de Babylone, qui avec l’Introduction de Jacqueline Hellegouarc’h […] qui en a préparé une savante édition, occupe les 210 premières pages.