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Voltaire and the Socinians

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R. E. Florida
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About the Book

About the Book: 

A note on quotations

I. Socinianism

A. Introduction

B. The history of anti-Nicene churches

C. Socinian thought

D. What is a Socinian?

II. Socinianism interpreted (1680-1715)

A. Introduction

B. Socinian self-interpretation

C. Catholic interpretation of Socinianism

D. 'Socinian' as a term of abuse

E. Summary

III. Voltaire's religion and Socinianism before his English exile

A. Childhood and youth

B. Literary success

C. The Netherlands, 1722

D. The road to England (1722-1726); Digression

E. Summary

IV. Voltaire in England

A. The visit

B. Contacts with Socinians and Socinianism

C. Other contacts with English religion

D. The Henriade

E. Summary

V. Socinians in the Lettres philosophiques

A. Introduction

B. The Socinians

C. The seventh Lettre philosophique, 'Sur les Sociniens, ou Ariens, ou anti-Trinitaires'

D. 1734: Voltaire a Socinian?

VI. Voltaire and Socinianism: The quiet years (1734-1754)

A. Diffused influences

B. Explicit references

C. Conclusion

VII. Voltaire decides the Swiss are Socinians (1754-1756)

A. The road to Switzerland

B. Geneva and Voltaire: the beginnings

C. Voltaire and Lausanne

VIII. Quarrels about Socinianism at Geneva (1756-1758)

A. L'âme atroce

B. The 'Genève' article in the Encyclopédie

IX. Later reflections on Socinianism in Geneva (1758-1777)

A. Rousseau (1758-1759)

B. Alembert (1759)

C. Vernet

D. Rousseau and Vernet (1764-1766)

E. Charles Bonnet

F. Voltaire (1759-1777)

X. Voltaire and Socinianism outside Geneva (1758-1778)

General summary

XI. Appendix A: Genevese letters from the âme atroce affair

XII. Appendix B: Extracts from the Dupan-Freudenreich correspondence about the 'Genève' article controversy

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List of works cited