The Enlightenment Workshop is Oxford’s leading seminar in 18th-century intellectual history and literary culture. Convened by the Voltaire Foundation by Nicholas Cronk (Wolfson College) and Morgan Golf-French (Magdalen College), it usually takes place in the spring and summer terms (Hilary and Trinity). This year, seminars take place in Magdalen College.

The seminars in 2022 are taking place in-person except for the seminar on 21 February (details tbc).

UPDATE: The seminars have been moved online. Please contact Morgan Golf-French for an access link.


Enlightenment Workshop 2022

We are delighted to present our programme for Hilary Term 2022. You can find a pdf version of this programme by following this link.

An interdisciplinary research seminar supported by the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Modern Languages, and the Voltaire Foundation

Mondays at 5:00pm


17 Jan.                          Laurence Brockliss (Magdalen College, Oxford)

Doing research in eighteenth-century France: private libraries as public resources


24 Jan.                         Joanna Innes (Somerville College, Oxford)

Patrick Colquhoun and the Science of Society: magistracy and political economy in Glasgow and London


31 Jan.                          Conor Bollins (Queen Mary University of London)

Securing Peace, Prosperity, and Population Growth in Scotland, 1745-1767


7 Feb.                           Anita Traninger (Freie Universität Berlin)

Theatrum criticum: Pierre Bayle, Benito Jerónimo Feijoo, and the early modern genealogies of Enlightenment critique


14 Feb.                         Silvia Sebastiani (EHESS, Paris)

                                    Orangutans and the Borders of Humanity in the Enlightenment


21 Feb.                         Martin Gierl (University of Göttingen) (Online – details tbc)

The Göttingen university Fachjournale from 1765 to 1825 – and a few remarks on information, organization, and history as evolution


28 Feb.                         Marie Thébaud-Sorger (CNRS, Paris)

The European network of Jean-Claude Pingeron (1730–1795), amateur and collectioneur of useful arts


07 Mar.                        Kelsey Rubin-Detlev (University of Southern California)

                                    Language and Logos in the Writings of A. N. Radishchev


10 Mar. (Thurs.)           Gregory S. Brown (University of Nevada)

Rekindling the French Enlightenment in the embers of World War: internationalism, bibliography, and cultural policy in the origins of the critical edition of the Voltaire Correspondence

Voltaire Foundation

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