Voltaire Foundation Research Showcase

10/11/2023, 9:45 am - 12:00 pm

10 November 2023 – St Edmund Hall, Old Dining Hall

Organisation: Zoe Screti & Roman Kuhn


The Voltaire Foundation invites colleagues, researchers and students interested in the 18th century to hear about ongoing projects and research at the VF and to engage in conversation about the projects and the VF’s involvement in digital research in Oxford and beyond. After a series of brief project presentations there will be a chance to get hands-on insights into current projects and to discuss with the VF’s researchers – to be continued by coffee and sandwiches.




9:45 Coffee & Arrival


10:00 – 11:00 Project Presentations and Lightning Talks

Digital Voltaire

10:00 Digital Voltaire (Nicholas Cronk)

10:10 Re-editing Voltaire’s epic poetry (Nicolas Fréry)


Voltaire Studio

10:15 Manuscript Catalogue (Zoe Screti)

10:20 Voltaire Library Database (Gillian Pink)

10:25 Voltaire’s pots-pourris (Joana Roqué Pesquer)


Voltaire Lab

10:35 Digital Enlightenment Studies – DES (Glenn Roe)

10:45 Timeline Voltaire en son temps (Alison Oliver)

10:50 Poésie fugitive in 18th-century print & press (Roman Kuhn)



Coffee Break


11:00 –12:00 Hands-on Demonstrations and parallel project showcase

Featured projects include:

· Digital Voltaire

· Voltaire Manuscript and Voltaire Library Database

· 18th-century poetry and text reuse

· ModERN. Modelling Enlightenment

Voltaire Foundation

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