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Emilie Du Châtelet defends her life
Wednesday, 12 February, 2014
Last night several of us went the short distance from the Voltaire Foundation to the intimate Simpkins Lee Theatre at Lady Margaret Hall to see
The Letter: Purloined and Printed, Anonymous and Edited
Tuesday, 4 February, 2014
Oxford, United Kingdom 3 February 2014
East meets west in the global eighteenth century
Friday, 24 January, 2014
Adam Smith, one of the eighteenth century’s most perceptive minds, claimed in The Wealth of nations that the ‘discovery of America,
The Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Project
Tuesday, 21 January, 2014
Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment – what’s in a name?
Monday, 13 January, 2014
The making of a book
Thursday, 19 December, 2013
A tale of losing, finding and coming home
Wednesday, 11 December, 2013
A thirst for knowledge
Thursday, 28 November, 2013
Putting a price on slavery: Voltaire and the New World
Monday, 18 November, 2013
Bibliography prize, and a newly-discovered early edition of Voltaire’s works
Thursday, 7 November, 2013
With so many good reasons for visiting Amsterdam, the idea of going there to read 70 or so bibliographies in two days might not seem the most compelling.