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The Représentation aux Etats de l’Empire: a new addition to the Œuvres complètes de Voltaire
Monday, 21 November, 2016
In the autumn of 1744, amidst the turmoil of the War of the Austrian Succession, an anonymous, rather lengthy pamphlet entitled
Relocating British Orientalism in Portugal
Monday, 14 November, 2016
Voltaire editor, edited and re-edited
Monday, 7 November, 2016
Thanks to modern-day editorial work, the editor-generated puzzles of over two centuries ago are now being unpicked.
Voltaire and Sade, with a dash of Casanova
Monday, 31 October, 2016
I have spent a lot of time with Voltaire and Sade recently, editing La Prude for the Complete Works and transla
‘je jeterai mon bonet par-dessus les moulins’ - delving into the Correspondance de Mme de Graffigny
Monday, 24 October, 2016
Scholars are exploring Françoise de Graffigny's letters for data on urban life, the growth of trade and the consumer society, the practices of medicine and surgery, and the dimensions of a woman’s life: her home, work and social spheres.
My name is nobody
Tuesday, 11 October, 2016
Debate on authorship, pseudonymity and anonymity has been rife in the past few days in the wake of the revelation of Ital
Attention: livre dangereux
Friday, 30 September, 2016
As Banned Books Week is drawing to a close, this seemed an opportune time to reflect on an event that occurred 250 years ago in Norther
Hunting in the shadows of the French Revolution
Thursday, 29 September, 2016
Comment faire parler un répertoire des spectacles de l’Ancien Régime?
Thursday, 15 September, 2016
OCV update: Focus on Louis XIV
Thursday, 8 September, 2016
This September marks a milestone for the OCV team as we publish the final chapters of our critical edition of Voltaire’s Siècle de Louis XIV, in which Voltaire explores the cultural history of the reign.