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Stagestruck: the making of a theater industry during the late Old Regime
Tuesday, 16 December, 2014
Rococo rivalries: Germany v. France
Thursday, 4 December, 2014
As an American who studies European art, I must confess to a particular fascination with how European societies characterize each other.
‘My memory will be erased’: the bicentenary of Sade’s death
Monday, 24 November, 2014
In his fiction, the Marquis de Sade conceived countless ways to die.
Trolling in the eighteenth century: a case study
Friday, 14 November, 2014
Voltaire, over the course of his long career, had a taste for publishing works under pseudonyms: perhaps most famously, M.
Besterman lecture 2014: The German Enlightenment and its interpretation
Friday, 7 November, 2014
The Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment and the TORCH Enlightenment Programme invite you to the 2014 Besterman Lecture: ‘ “True Enlighte
Rediscovering Voltaire and Rameau’s Temple de la gloire
Tuesday, 28 October, 2014
Sixty years on: the museum of the Institut et Musée Voltaire
Monday, 20 October, 2014
From 1755 to 1760, Voltaire lived at Les Délices in Geneva, where he notably wrote the Poème sur le désastre de Lisbonne
L’Europe des Lumières: un recours face au désenchantement présent?
Thursday, 9 October, 2014
Le désenchantement face à la construction européenne n’est pas neuf.
David Bien: the ancien régime in a new light
Monday, 29 September, 2014
Sade: compulsion and insight
Monday, 22 September, 2014