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Enlightenment workshop

Wednesday, 3 January, 2018

The Enlightenment Workshop is a series of seminars in the Spring and Summer (Hilary and Trinity Terms) at the Voltaire Foundation. The convenors are Nicholas Cronk (St Edmund Hall) and Avi Lifschitz (Magdalen College).

PDF with programme for 2018.

Programme for Trinity Term 2018: Thursdays at 5:00 p.m., Voltaire Foundation, 99 Banbury Road (except 17 May)

26 April: Paul Kerry (Brigham Young University / Oxford), The late German Enlightenment and its temples

3 May: Darrin McMahon (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire), Lighting the Enlightenment: public illumination and the Siècle des Lumières

10 May: Caroline Warman (Jesus College, Oxford), Patterns of materialist thought: fragments and formulations from Diderot to Destutt de Tracy

17 May: Roundtable discussion of Anthony La Vopa’s book, The labor of the mind: intellect and gender in Enlightenment cultures (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017)
[This session takes place at the Old Dining Hall, St Edmund Hall]             

     Chair:  Katherine Ibbett (French).  Discussants:

  • Joanna Innes (History)
  • Karen O’Brien (Humanities Division; English)
  • Ritchie Robertson (German)

     Respondent:  Anthony La Vopa (North Carolina State University)

Hilary Term 2018:  Mondays at 5:00 p.m., Voltaire Foundation, 99 Banbury Road (except 26 February):

15 January: Chloe Edmondson (Stanford University), Julie de Lespinasse and the ‘philosophical’ salon: a data-driven approach

22 January: Katherine Harloe (University of Reading) and Lucy Russell (University of Oxford), Life and (love) letters: looking in on Winckelmann’s correspondence

29 January: Shiru Lim (University College London), Philosophical kingship in eighteenth-century Europe: Frederick II, Catherine II, and the philosophes

5 February: Adam Sutcliffe (King’s College London), What are Jews for? Moses Mendelssohn and the problem of Jewish purpose

12 February: Paul Slack (Linacre College, Oxford), How much did eighteenth-century Enlightenment owe to seventeenth-century Improvement?

19 February: László Kontler (Central European University, Budapest), The end of the world in the eighteenth century: natural catastrophes and Enlightenment perspectives on the Last Judgment

26 February: Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger (University of Münster), Maria Theresa and the Catholic Enlightenment
[This session takes place at the Shulman Auditorium, Queen’s College; see the programme of the preceding colloquium on Maria Theresa, last item on this page]

5 March: Elisabeth Décultot (University of Halle-Wittenberg), Do we need the concept of Enlightenment? A survey of older and more recent debates

For further information, see the TORCH website.