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G. Gargett, Voltaire, Gilbert de Voisins' Mémoires and the problem of Huguenot civil rights (1767-1768)

Jeroom Vercruysse, Une épigramme de Voltaire à Frédéric II

Colin Duckworth, Voltaire at Ferney: an unpublished description

R. Galliani, Voltaire et les autres philosophes dans la Révolution: les brochures de 1791, 1792, 1793

Emile Lizé, Une lettre oubliée de Lebrun-Pindare à Voltaire

W. D. Howarth, Tragedy into melodrama: the fortunes of the Calas affair on the stage


Laurence L. Bongie, Voltaire's English, high treason and a manifesto for bonnie prince Charles

Gloria M. Russo, Sexual roles and religious images in Voltaire's La Pucelle

Nelly H. Severin, Voltaire's campaign against saints' days

Helmut Watzlawick, Casanova and Voltaire's Discours aux Welches

Dorothy Medlin, Voltaire, Morellet, and Le Franc de Pompignan: a bibliographical error corrected

Janet Whatley, Coherent worlds: Fénelon's Télémaque and Marivaux's Télémaque travesti


Keith M. Baker, Condorcet's notes for a revised edition of his reception speech to the Académie française

R. Galliani, La Présence de Voltaire dans les brochures de 1790

Harriet D. Rothschild, Benoît de Maillet's Cairo letters

Monique Stern, Lettres inédites de madame de Genlis à Bernardin de Saint-Pierre


R. Galliani, Quelques notes inédites de Voltaire à L'Esprit des lois

Jeroom Vercruysse, La Première d'Olympie: trois lettres de mme Denis aux Constant d'Hermenches

Jack Yashinsky, Voltaire's Enfant prodigue

Theodore Besterman, William Beckford's marginal notes on a life of Voltaire

J. Patrick Lee, Voltaire and César de Missy

Michael Cardy, Discussion of the theory of climate in the querelle des anciens et des modernes


Les Notes marginales de Voltaire au Dictionnaire philosophique, présentée par R. Galliani

Jerolyn Scull, Voltaire's reading of Pascal: his quotations compared to early texts

Christopher Todd, A provisional bibliography of published Spanish translations of Voltaire

Dennis Fletcher, Candide and the theme of the happy husbandman

James Knowlson, Voltaire, Lucian and Candide

Robert A. Dawson, ed. Une lettre inédite de Fanny de Beauharnais à Voltaire


Sylvia Vance, History as dramatic reinforcement: Voltaire's use of history in four tragedies set in the middle ages

Diderot, Réflexions sur le courage des femmes, texte inconnu (1745) identifié et présenté par J. Th. de Booy

Henri Mydlarski, Vauvenargues, juge littéraire de son siècle

Terence Murphy, Jean Baptiste René Robinet: the career of a man of letters


Voltaire's notebooks (Voltaire 81-82): thirteen new fragments, edited by Theodore Besterman

Paul Ilie, The Voices in Candide's garden, 1755-1759: a methodology for Voltaire's correspondence

Maureen F. O'Meara, Le Taureau Blanc and the activity of language

Marlinda Ruth Bruno, Fréron, police spy

Lloyd R. Free, Laclos and the myth of courtly love

Lawrence Kerslake, Johann Georg Sulzer and the supplement to the Encyclopédie


Thomas M. Carr, Jr, Dramatic structure and philosophy in Brutus, Alzire and Mahomet

George A. Perla, Zadig, hero of the absurd

David E. Highnam, L'Ingénu: flawed masterpiece or masterful innovation

P. Emeka Abanime, Voltaire as an anthropologist: the case of the albino

Theodore Besterman, Some eighteenth-century Voltaire editions unknown to Bengesco: supplement to the fourht edition.

Lawrence J. Forno, The Cosmic mysticism of Diderot


Ahmad Gunny, Voltaire's thoughts on prose fiction

Suzanne Gearhart, Rationality and the text: a study of Voltaire's historiography

Eugene J. Weinraub, Plays as pedagogical laboratories: Mahomet and Don Pèdre

Theodore D. Braun, Voltaire, Olympie, and Alexander the great

Ahmad Gunny, A propos de la date de composition de Micromégas

M. L. Perkins, Motivation and behaviour in the Neveu de Rameau


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