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The Fortunes of Pope's 'Essay on man' in 18th-century France



I. Background to the Du Resnel and Silhouette translations

A. The Voltaire-Du Resnel relationship and the problem of authorship

B. The general principles of poetic translation and specifically with regard to the two texts

II. The early French reaction to the translations

III. Voltaire's reaction to the Essay on man

IV. Fontanes's translation and the later French reaction


List of works consulted


Arnold Ages, The Private Voltaire: three studies in the correspondence

Madeleine Alcover, La Casuistique du père Tout à tous et Les Provinciales

Brian N. Morton, Beaumarchais et le prospectus de l'édition de Kehl

Lawrence J. Forno, The Fictional letter in the memoir novel: Robert Challe's Illustres Françoises

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Hartmut Häusser, The Thomasius article in the Encyclopédie


Theodore Besterman, Additions and corrections to the definitive edition of Voltaire's correspondence. I: vols.i-x (Voltaire 85-94)

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Stephen Werner, Diderot's Encyclopédie article 'Agnus Scythicus'

Irwin L. Greenberg, Narrative technique and literary indiscretion in Diderot's Les Bijoux indiscrets and Jacques le fataliste

Les Romans de l'abbé Prévost


Chapitre I. Mémoires d'un homme de qualité

Chapitre II. Histoire de Cleveland

Chapitre III. Le Doyen de Killerine

Chapitre IV. Histoire d'une Grecque moderne; Histoire de la jeunesse du Commandeur de ***; Campagnes philosophiques

Chapitre V. Mémoires d'un honnête homme; Le Monde moral



I. Œuvres de Prévost citées

II. Etudes sur Prévost


Douglas A. Bonneville, Candide as symbolic experience

Theodore Besterman, A Preliminary bibliography of Portuguese translations of Voltaire

Colin Duckworth, Madame Denis's unpublished Pamela: a link between Richardson, Goldoni and Voltaire

Maija B. May, Comte d'Argental: a magistrate in the literary world

Theodore E. D. Braun, Le Franc de Pompignan et la moralité du théâtre

John Renwick, Jean François Marmontel: the formative years 1753-1765

Voltaire's theatre



Part I: Theory: Towards a definition of tragedy

Chapter I. A categorical review

Chapter II. Voltaire's concept of tragedy

A. Prefaces, commentaries and correspondences

B. Voltaire and Aristotle

C. The critics' interpretation

Part II: Practice: The cycle from Œdipe to Mérope

Chapter I. Œdipe

Chapter II. Zaïre

Chapter III. Alzire

Chapter IV. Mahomet

Rémond de Saint-Mard


Chapter I. The Dialogues de Dieux

Chapter II. The Lettres Galantes et Philosophiques

Chapter III. Rémond's Aesthetics

Chapter IV. Le bon goût

Chapter V. The Réflexions sur la poësie en général

Chapter VI. Rémond and his critics

Lucilie ou l'histoire de mademoiselle de ***

List of the works of Rémond de Saint-Mard


Spire Pitou, The players' return to Versailles, 1723-1757

Charlotte Hogsett, Jean Baptiste Dubos on art as illusion

Clifton Cherpack, Jacques le fataliste and le Compère Mathieu

William H. Trapnell, The 'philosophical' implications of Marivaux's Dispute

Barry Ivker, Towards a definition of libertinism in 18th-century French fiction

Mark Poster, The concepts of sexual identity and the life cycle in Restif's utopian thought

Poetry in the digital age: the Digital Miscellanies Index and eighteenth-century culture

For most of us, reading for pleasure usually means getting stuck into some fiction or non-fiction. Poetry is a less common diversion, but we still have an appetite for poems to dip into, to find solace in, to memorise and share. And we can choose from an array of collections that promote poetry as an everyday companion, a form of therapy, and a tradition of national interest.


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