Volume: 102

Series: SVEC

Volume Editors: Theodore Besterman

Publication Date: 1973

Pages: 299

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0187-6

Price: £35


Theodore Besterman, Additions and corrections to the definitive edition of Voltaire’s correspondence. II: vols.i-xxii (Voltaire 85-106) Dorothy R. Thelander, The Oak and the thinking reed Bertram Eugene Schwarzbach, Etienne Fourmont, philosophe in disguise? Mary M. Crumpacker, The Secret chain of the Lettres persanes and the mystery of the B edition Robert F. O’Reilly, Montesquieu: anti-feminist Lenore Kreitman, Diderot’s aesthetic paradox and created reality Ellen McNiven Hine, Madame de Lambert, her sources and her circle: on the threshold of a new age M. W. Beal, Condillac as precursor of Kant Robert H. McDonald, A Forgotten Voltairean poem: Voltaire et le comte de Maistre by Anne Bignan Norma Perry, Voltaire’s London agents for the Henriade: Simond and Bénézet, Huguenot merchants


Voltaire Foundation

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