Religious works of 1776

Author: Voltaire

Volume: 79B

Series: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire

Volume Editors: Graham Gargett, Antonio Gurrado, Laurence Macé

Publication Date: 2014

Pages: 582

ISBN: 978-0-7294-1020-5

Price: £115


Un chrétien contre six Juifs and the Histoire de l’établissement du christianisme, along with La Bible enfin expliquée (OCV, vol.79A), are Voltaire’s last great works dealing with religion. In them he aims at the final destruction of l’infâme as represented in characters from the Old Testament, Christian superstition, and religious intolerance. Voltaire had fought regularly against all these in the years after 1761. What distinguishes this latest production is the comprehensive quality of his enterprise and the shared outlook in promoting the ideal of deism.

Table of contents

Un chrétien contre six Juifs (critical edition by Graham Gargett)

Histoire de l’établissement du christianisme (critical edition by Antonio Gurrado and Laurence Macé)

Voltaire Foundation

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