Science against the unbelievers

the correspondence of Bonnet and Needham, 1760-1780

Author: Renato G. Mazzolini and Shirley A. Roe

Volume: 243

Series: SVEC

Publication Date: 1986

Pages: 429

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0339-9

Price: £55


List of illustrations
List of abbreviations
Preface and acknowledgements
Biographical note: Charles Bonnet
Biographical note: John Turberville Needham
1. The correspondence
2. The generation of living things
3. Metaphysics and epistemology
4. Revealed religion, materialism, and unbelievers
5. Needham’s controversy with Voltaire
6. The ‘bust of Isis’ and the sacred chronology
7. Cosmogony and the theory of the Earth
8. Bonnet and the Genevan political crisis, 1765-1768
9. Needham and the Brussels Academy of Sciences
10. The controversy over Schirach’s experiments on bees
The letters
A. Needham’s genealogy
B. Needham’s ‘Mémoire sur la Generation’
C. Needham’s extant manuscripts and correspondence

Table of contents

The correspondence of Bonnet and Needham, 1760-1780Le personnage de Jean-Jacques et les débuts du culte révolutionnaire (1787-1791)

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