Studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth century 378

Volume: 378

Series: SVEC

Series Collaborators: D. Gillian Thompson; Daniel Cardinal; Paul G. Beidler; William Scott; Paul van Gestel; Richard Whatmore.

Publication Date: 1999

Pages: 332

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0704-5

Price: £65


D. Gillian Thompson, A modern persecution: Breton Jesuits under the suppression of 1762-1814
Daniel Cardinal, Between Locke and Leibniz: Condillac and the camera obscura
Paul G. Beidler, The aesthetic of scientific discovery: Hume, Sterne, and the literary sketch
William Scott, Anxieties and aspirations: problems of educational reform on the eve of the French Revolution
Paul van Gestel, Dutch reactions to Thomas Paine’s Age of reason
Richard Whatmore, ‘Good books and bad morals’: Jean-Baptiste Say’s assessment of the French Revolution

Voltaire Foundation

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