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The c. 2700+ known letters from or to Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737-1814) are being edited by a team led by Malcolm Cook (University of Exeter) and made up of Kate Astbury (University of Warwick), Rebecca Ford (University of Nottingham), Simon Davies (Queen’s University, Belfast) and Philip Robinson (University of Kent).

Still largely unedited, Bernardin’s correspondence reveals to us the fascinating story of a man who travelled widely (Russia, Poland, Austria, Mauritius) and led a remarkably rich life; through it we see the young writer maturing and becoming a best-selling author, living through the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era. Bernardin’s letters are of interest to literary critics, historians, linguists and sociologists.

This correspondence will be open to growth and development as new letters and other documents are found. As part of the Electronic Enlightenment Digital correspondence of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre project, it will recontextualize the letters of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre within the international web of correspondences of the major and secondary figures of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Online edition

Find out more about the Digital correspondence of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre.

Electronic Enlightenment, Bodleian Libraries research project publishing online the correspondence between key 18th-century writers, is currently available for free institutional trial. Please fill in a recommendation form for your librarian.

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