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André Morellet (1727-1819), law reformer and political economist, played an important role in the dissemination of philosophical thought and in the principal debates of his day. Thanks to his remarkable longevity he was able to take part in many events that transformed French society and the western world. He participated actively in the intellectual movement that led to the publication of the Encyclopédie; in his later years he saw the beginnings of the Romantic era. This edition of correspondence considerably enriches our understanding of the society, literary circles and the history of ideas relating to the Enlightenment.

First published in print (Lettres d’André Morellet, 1991-1996), the Morellet correspondence was revised over several years by the editor, Dorothy Medlin, and published online through Electronic Enlightenment in 2011. This new Digital letters of André Morellet online edition brings together in one place all known letters, many only recently discovered by the editor and never previously published, with new and revised annotation. Integrated in the Electronic Enlightenment project, the Morellet correspondence can now be read in context within the complex network of international correspondents of the long eighteenth century.

‘Un instrument de travail exemplaire...’ (Roland Desné, Dix-huitième siècle)

Online edition

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