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Voltaire is one of the greatest writers in the French language, but readers and researchers have so far lacked access to a definitive scholarly edition. The Complete Works of Voltaire (Œuvres complètes de Voltaire) being published by the Voltaire Foundation is the first critical edition of the totality of his writings (in the original French), arranged chronologically to untangle the evolution of his thought. Each text is revealed anew thanks to an introduction, variants and a comprehensive annotation (in either English or French).

For more on Voltaire’s ‘modern history’ texts, see Voltaire: historian of modernity. For more on his alphabetical collections, see Voltaire and alphabetical collections. For more on his contes, see Voltaire’s contes.

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The project benefits from the expertise of an international team of scholars.


Read reviews of individual volumes in the catalogue or of the series as a whole on the Complete Works reviews page.

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Do you know of any eighteenth-century marginalia? If they are by Voltaire or one of his secretaries, we would like to include them in the Corpus des notes marginales.

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For individual texts, please refer to our Index of published texts. When a text has not yet been published in this definitive edition, the list Voltaire texts: the edition to use gives the best available edition.

Published volumes may be found in the full list of published volumes or the online catalogue.

Coming soon

Volume 70B: Writings of 1769 (IIB)

Ed. David Adams, Pauline Kra et al.

The texts in this volume date from 1769 with one unusual mémoire from 1770. At the age of 75, Voltaire was still extremely active, developing and deepening familiar themes in his writings. After an epistolary dispute with the bishop of Annecy, we present five more works in his ongoing battle against the infâme, concentrating on the threat to society produced by religious dogma and intolerance, and on abuses of ecclesiastical power. The volume ends with a contribution by the patriarch to Choiseul’s plan to create a port on Lake Geneva that would be a haven for those suffering religious persecution in Geneva. The mémoire is accompanied by maps annotated by Voltaire.

Volume 27: Essai sur les mœurs et l’esprit des nations (IX)

Ed. Bruno Bernard, John Renwick et al.

This volume IX of the Essai contains the ‘Textes annexes’, peripheral but significant documents, including pieces relating to Voltaire’s conclusion to, and defence of, his seminal work, as well as his early manuscript, the ‘Chapitre des arts’. Together these texts provide further background to the development of the Essai and its presentation.

‘A masterpiece of prose that pioneered many of the foundations of modern historical study. […] This rich, learned edition promises to become the foundation and impetus for a renewed exploration of both its distance and its proximity to our own shifting conceptions of cultural history.’

Saul Anton, H-France Review (April 2012)