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The Complete Works of Voltaire (Œuvres complètes de Voltaire) being published by the Voltaire Foundation is the first critical edition of the totality of his writings (in the original French), arranged chronologically to untangle the evolution of his thought. Each text is revealed anew thanks to an introduction, variants and a comprehensive annotation (in either English or French).

Lettres sur les Anglais:
     a manifesto for modern
     economic and political
Voltaire: historian of modernity:
     Essai sur les mœurs
     Précis du siècle de Louis XV
     Siècle de Louis XIV
The value of critical editions,
     by Marian Hobson
Voltaire and alphabetical collections:
     Dictionnaire philosophique
     Œuvres alphabétiques, 1
     Œuvres alphabétiques, 2:
           Ajouts posthumes
     Questions sur l’Encyclopédie
Candide and other contes
Corpus des notes marginales
Voltaire’s correspondence
OCV team 2009
The Complete Works of Voltaire team, in Oxford, September 2009
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For individual texts, please refer to our Index of published texts. When a text has not yet been published in this definitive edition, the list How to quote Voltaire the edition to use gives the best available edition.

Published volumes may be found in the full list of published volumes or the online catalogue.

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Editorial board

The project benefits from the expertise of an international team of scholars.

The Complete Works of Voltaire: 1967-2016 – an insider’s view, by John Renwick.


Read reviews of individual volumes in the catalogue or of the series as a whole on the Complete Works reviews page.

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Do you know of any eighteenth-century marginalia? If they are by Voltaire or one of his secretaries, we would like to include them in the Corpus des notes marginales.


Volume 20C: ‘Micromégas’ and other texts

Ed. Nicholas Cronk, Thomas Wynn et al.

Not just a science fiction tale about a planet-hopping giant from outer space visiting our world, but also a commentary on society and the scientific knowledge at the time of its composition, Voltaire’s Micromégas reflects on man’s place in the universe, between two infinities.

Volume 12: Siècle de Louis XIV (II): Listes et Catalogue des écrivains

Ed. Diego Venturino

This is the fifth of six volumes of Voltaire’s Siècle de Louis XIV to be published by the Voltaire Foundation, in collaboration with the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles. The reign of Louis XIV (the Sun King) defined the era of the ‘Grand siècle’ and saw France rise to become the dominant player on the European stage. Voltaire’s seminal work is both a milestone in his career as a historian-philosopher and a monument of eighteenth-century historiography.

Volume 60A: Nouveaux Mélanges (1765)

Ed. David Williams, Helder Mendes-Baiao et al.

In 1765, in order to make up a third volume for the Nouveaux Mélanges, the first two volumes of which had appeared at the initiative of the printer Gabriel Cramer, Voltaire composed a number of short texts on subjects of perennial importance to him: politics, philosophy, religion, literature, history… This volume of the Complete works gathers together all of these short pieces for which volume three of the Nouveaux Mélanges was the original edition. Presenting these short texts as a collection enables readers to see for the first time the echoes that give them a certain coherence as an ensemble.