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Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment is dedicated to eighteenth-century research.

Since its inception as Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century in 1955, nearly 550 books have been published within the series. Strongly international in focus, Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment publishes scholarly work in English or French to advance learning across a broad range of disciplines:

• History • History of ideas/Philosophy • History of the book • Theatre • Literature • Visual arts & Music • Science & Economics • Women’s studies

Letter from Gregory S. Brown, the the new General Editor (from 1 January 2016).

Editorial board

An international team of scholars assures the academic quality of our books.

Forthcoming and recently published

List of our 2017 titles (Jan.-Nov.) (pdf)

List of our 2016 titles (pdf)

List of our 2015 titles (pdf)

Online index

Access the dedicated thematic index of our books in the SVEC series, 1955-2013.

Contact us

General enquiries may be sent to our Administrator, series-specific enquiries to the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (previously SVEC) team.

Published and forthcoming

Pictorial snapshot of subjects explored

Just published

Les Dégoûts de Voltaire: exploration d’une sensibilité complexe

Cover of OSE volume just published Marie-Hélène Cotoni L’auteur évalue la diversité des dégoûts de Voltaire, dans ses rapports au monde et à soi-même, selon les situations qui les ont provoqués. M.-H. Cotoni trace la frontière entre impressions réellement éprouvées et expression, afin de mesurer, autant que possible, la sincérité de l’homme tout comme l’habileté de l’écrivain.

Coming soon

The Maurists’ unfinished encyclopaedia

Cover of OSE volume coming soon Linn Holmberg In this groundbreaking study of an unpublished eighteenth-century encyclopedia, Linn Holmberg provides new perspectives on the Enlightenment ‘dictionary wars’ and offers a fascinating insight into the intellectual reorientation of a monastic community in the Age of Reason.

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