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Student Translation Project

The Œuvres complètes de Voltaire contain much new material: textual, peritextual, and contextual, and the edition is likely to be of considerable interest to scholars from a wide range of different disciplines who cannot easily read French. The Student Translation Project, piloted in a partnership between the Voltaire Foundation and the University of Bristol, offers a new integrated model for translation production which links different translation producers (trainee student translators, translation specialists, authors, editors and technical designers) in a virtual network within the wider research environment of the Digital Enlightenment project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Among the many significant critical editions published in the print Œuvres complètes is Voltaire's longest work, the Questions sur l’Encyclopédie, only parts of which have in the past been translated into English. It was chosen as the starting point for the Student Translation Project, which we see as making an important contribution to research and scholarship.

The first translation, of the Questions article 'Goût' (Taste) was completed by Roseanne Silverwood as part of her MA dissertation, and is now available.