Diderot’s Eléments de physiologie: An Interview with Professor Caroline Warman

18/06/2021, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Recently published by Open Book Publishers, Professor Caroline Warman’s latest monograph offers a fundamental re-appraisal of one of Diderot’s most important, yet largely neglected texts: the Eléments de physiologieThe Atheist’s Bible: Diderot’s Eléments de physiologie reveals the internal coherence of a work that is often dismissed as merely sketched out and unfinished, further exploring its philosophical significance, and gauging its impact on the materialist thinkers of the 1790s and early 19th century. The book is accompanied by a digital edition of Jacques-André Naigeon’s Mémoires historiques et philosophiques sur la vie et les ouvrages de Denis Diderot (1823), a work which, as Professor Warman reveals, represents the first publication of Diderot’s Éléments, long before its official publication date of 1875.

Professor Warman will guide us through the history of Diderot’s Eléments de physiologie and give us a glimpse of her recent discoveries. The interview will be held live on Zoom by TORCH and will be followed by a Q&A.

The event is free to attend but requires registration, please book your place by following this link.

For enquiries, please email Ruggero Sciuto at ruggero.sciuto@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk

Voltaire Foundation

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