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Sade: compulsion and insight
Monday, 22 September, 2014
‘The fruit of solitude is originality, something daringly and disconcertingly beautiful, the poetic creation. But the fruit of solitude can also be the perverse, the disproportionate, the absurd and the forbidden.’
French-bashing, French style
Wednesday, 10 September, 2014
In a much-discussed article published last year in Le Monde (13 December 2013), French historian Mona Ozouf argued in favour of honouring the memory of three figures of the French resistan
14th International Congress for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS 2015) Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 26-31 July 2015 Call for Proposals: panels/papers/posters
Monday, 18 August, 2014
The Congress of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS) is the world’s largest meeting of specialists on all aspects of the eighteenth century, and takes place every four y
The ‘Smile Revolution’ in Enlightenment Paris
Tuesday, 5 August, 2014
Of bees and baffled naturalists
Monday, 21 July, 2014
In a nutshell, my research explores the ways in which eighteenth-century French thinkers were transformed by their engagement with insects.
Nouvelles perspectives sur les manuscrits des Lumières
Monday, 7 July, 2014
Dans le cadre superbe de l’hôtel de Lauzun, l’Institut d’études avancées de Paris a accueilli le 26 mai 2014 une journée d’étude destinée à faire le point sur cer
Turkish catechism (En hommage à Voltaire)
Monday, 16 June, 2014
THE FRENCHMAN: Is it true that your Sultan can marry hundreds of wives who are kept in a forbidden place known as a ‘harem’, to which, apart from the Sultan himself, only eunuchs have access, men w
Voltaire and space exploration
Wednesday, 4 June, 2014
A popular book on space exploration and the long-term future of a spacefaring humankind is not a place where one would immediately think of finding quotations by Voltaire.
VF networking at 2014/15 academic conferences
Thursday, 22 May, 2014
The trouble with money: crashes, recoinage and war in the Enlightenment
Thursday, 15 May, 2014
The problem of money has never been far from people’s minds. In the Enlightenment the issue took on new importance as a result of a series of famous crises.