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The Editorial Process

Preparing your edition

At the commissioning stage, authors will be asked to produce a critical edition of a text by Voltaire, including establishing a list of editions and manuscripts of the work produced during Voltaire’s lifetime. From this list, you need to choose the most appropriate version of the text as the basis for your edition, as well as collating variants from other significant versions of the work. You are also responsible for annotating Voltaire’s text and writing an introduction to the edition. The OCV team is at your disposal for any support you might need during this period (and see the step-by-step guide to preparing a critical edition).

Publishing your edition

Once submitted, the OCV team will meticulously edit your work in order to make sure that it conforms to our house style. We verify facts, investigate queries, try to fill any gaps and generally go over everything with a fine-tooth comb! As OCV is a chronologically based series, it is often at this stage of working on a volume that connections between works are brought into sharp relief. We will sometimes add cross-references to other works (especially those in the same volume) in order to situate your text in its chronological and thematic context within the OCV series. During this process we may be in touch with you to clarify certain points or make you aware of any information that has come to light since you submitted your edition. We will also let you know when to expect to see proofs of your edition.

When we send proofs for you to check, you will normally also receive a list of queries. Please check both the proofs and the query list carefully, and make any necessary corrections to the proofs before returning them to your OCV editor. We’ll take care of the rest of the process, and a few months later (to allow for printing time) we’ll send you your copy of the edition, hot off the press.