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Voltaire Digital Laboratory

In the longer term, our goal is to enhance our endowment so that we can build upon the reputation of the Voltaire Foundation and consolidate our position as the leading research and publishing centre for Enlightenment scholarship, fostering collaboration and exchange between scholars internationally.

Work on the Voltaire edition will not stop when the print edition is completed in 2019. We are already planning Digital Voltaire, a digital resource that will carry forward our high standards of scholarship. The new digital medium will allow our work to be regularly updated; and it will allow the works of Voltaire to reach a far wider audience than is the case at present. Our ambition is to make widely available the best scholarship.

The creation of new online resources opens up exciting possibilities that will allow the Voltaire Foundation to engage fully in contemporary research in Digital Humanities. Digital Voltaire will enable explorations of the writer’s thought and style that were previously unthinkable, and we aim to encourage doctoral students to work alongside more advanced scholars to experiment with the data.

We value enormously your support for the work of the Voltaire Foundation.
Thank you!

Professor Nicholas Cronk, Director