Tout d’Holbach

Created by Dr Ruggero Sciuto and Dr Clovis Gladstone (the ARTFL Project, University of Chicago), Tout d’Holbach is a database that brings together fully searchable transcriptions of d’Holbach’s works. At the moment (February 2021) Tout d’Holbach only includes d’Holbach’s original writings, defined as those considered ‘œuvres originales publiées isolément’ in Jeroom Vercruysse’s fundamental Bibliographie descriptive des imprimés du baron d’Holbach (1971; new ed. 2017). Moving forward, full transcriptions of d’Holbach’s translations and editions, respectively marked as Ds and Fs in Vercruysse’s bibliography, will be added, as well as works whose attribution to the baron is more controversial. The database does not include d’Holbach’s correspondence, which will be added to Electronic Enlightenment in due course, or his contributions to collaborative works such as the Encyclopédie or the Histoire des deux Indes.

Unlike Digital d’Holbach, Tout d’Holbach is not a critical edition: none of the texts is annotated, and the transcriptions, while broadly accurate, may contain occasional typos. Tout d’Holbach is a research tool, and one, we hope, that will prove invaluable to researchers collaborating on Digital d’Holbach as well as to scholars working on the European Enlightenment, more broadly.

Voltaire Foundation

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