Research Community

As a research department, we do not work in isolation. In Oxford and internationally, we have the great fortune to collaborate with a variety of 18th-century and Digital Humanities projects.

Intensive research on 17th- and 18th-century ideas and practices is conducted by members of the Oxford Centre for Intellectual History. The Centre provides an aegis for colleagues from different Oxford faculties who work on themes such as the Enlightenment from diverse perspectives.

A major collaboration exists between Oxford and the universities of Berlin. We are part of the Oxford-Berlin Enlightenment Hub, which promotes collaborative research on 18th-century intellectual, cultural and literary themes.

We have developed close collaboration with our partner institute IZEA, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research on the European Enlightenment at the University of Halle. Beyond joint events and research activities, we have launched the Café Lumières blog, a space where colleagues from different institutions can exchange ideas and report on work in progress.

Modernités européennes / Pôle «Europe des Lumières»

Céline Spector and Christophe Martin are at the helm of a new research hub at Sorbonne University.

Dans quel contexte? Étudier les Lumières aujourd’hui exige une perspective transdisciplinaire. La philosophie, la littérature, l’histoire, l’histoire de l’art, les études germaniques, anglicistes, italianistes, hispanophones etc. importent toutes pour l’étude des Lumières.

Voltaire Foundation

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