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The Voltaire Foundation is a world leader for eighteenth-century scholarship, publishing the definitive edition of the Complete Works of Voltaire (Œuvres complètes de Voltaire), as well as Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (previously SVEC), the foremost series devoted to Enlightenment studies, and the correspondences of several key French thinkers.

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The Sun King and Voltaire: 300 years on

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Our latest publications

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment
(previously SVEC)

Rococo echo: art, history and historiography from Cochin to Coppola Front cover of latest OSE volume Ed. Melissa Lee Hyde and Katie Scott In chapters spanning areas as diverse as painting, print and photography, to furniture, fashion and film a team of international contributors explores the Rococo’s persistence across the later eighteenth century and into the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first.

Complete Works of Voltaire

Volume 79B: Religious works of 1776 Voltaire book display Un chrétien contre six Juifs and the Histoire de l’établissement du christianisme, along with La Bible enfin expliquée (OCV, vol.79A), are Voltaire’s last great works dealing with religion. In them he aims at the final destruction of l’Infâme as represented in characters from the Old Testament, Christian superstition, and religious intolerance. Voltaire had fought regularly against all these in the years after 1761. What distinguishes this latest production is the comprehensive quality of his enterprise and the shared outlook in promoting the ideal of deism.


Correspondance de Pierre Bayle, vol.XI: août 1697–décembre 1698, Lettres 1281-1405 Bayle Dictionaire title page Bayle prépare la deuxième édition du Dictionnaire, qui suscite éloges et critiques. Il fournit de jour en jour sa copie aux imprimeurs, et répond au Jugement de l’abbé Renaudot, relayé par Jurieu. S’ensuit une nouvelle guerre de pamphlets, et une nouvelle ‘affaire Bayle’, qui est celle des articles ‘scandaleux’ du Dictionnaire. Elle donnera lieu à la composition des Eclaircissements.