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The Voltaire Foundation is a world leader for eighteenth-century scholarship, publishing the definitive edition of the Complete Works of Voltaire (Œuvres complètes de Voltaire), as well as Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (previously SVEC), the foremost series devoted to Enlightenment studies, and the correspondences of several key French thinkers.

Voltaire was the greatest of the Enlightenment philosophers, and his voice and values remain a vital presence in European culture today. It is the mission of the Voltaire Foundation to promote and explore these values.


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School of Life: Voltaire – philosopher Alain de Botton has created a short animated video on Voltaire, scripted by Nicholas Cronk.

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Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment
(previously SVEC)

Ancients and Moderns in Europe: comparative pespectives Front cover of latest OSE volume Ed. Paddy Bullard and Alexis Tadié During the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries a series of quarrels broke out across Europe over the relative virtues of ancient and modern learning. This interdisciplinary volume reassesses the scope and significance of this international dispute.

Correspondence series

Correspondance de Mme de Graffigny
vol.15: 1 janvier 1756 – 10 novembre 1759, Lettres 2304 – 2518
Mme de Graffigny Les trois dernières années de la vie de Mme de Graffigny sont extrêmement mouvementées. Elle suit avec anxiété les péripéties de la guerre de Sept Ans, partage le désarroi général lors de l’attentat de Damiens, et témoigne de la disgrâce de certains de ses amis. Sur le plan littéraire, si la tragédie d’un de ses protégés remporte un succès triomphal, sa propre pièce, La Fille d’Aristide, subit un échec, et le Parlement s’apprête à condamner de nombreux ouvrages des philosophes. Enfin, elle souffre de plusieurs maladies qui amènent sa mort prématurée le 12 décembre 1758.

Complete Works of Voltaire

Volume 70B: Writings of 1769 (IIB) Confession

Ed. David Adams, Pauline Kra et al.

The texts in this volume date from 1769 with one unusual mémoire from 1770. At the age of 75, Voltaire was still extremely active, developing and deepening familiar themes in his writings. After an epistolary dispute with the bishop of Annecy, we present five more works in his ongoing battle against the infâme, concentrating on the threat to society produced by religious dogma and intolerance, and on abuses of ecclesiastical power. The volume ends with a contribution by the patriarch to Choiseul’s plan to create a port on Lake Geneva that would be a haven for those suffering religious persecution in Geneva. The mémoire is accompanied by maps annotated by Voltaire.