Workshop: Fugitive Poetry / poésie fugitive in 18th-century Europe: Genre, Media and Networks

11/04/2024 - 12/04/2024, 1:30 pm

Fugitive Poetry / poésie fugitive in 18th-century Europe:

Genre, Media and Networks

St. Edmund Hall (Old Dining Hall), Queen’s Lane, Oxford

Organisation: Roman Kuhn (Voltaire Foundation)

A pdf of the programme can be found under this link.

Thursday, 11/04

13.30 Coffee & Welcome

13.45 Roman Kuhn Introduction


Session 1 Chair: Alison Oliver

14.15 Jean-Alexandre Perras Weaving the ephemeral: a brief poetics of 18thcentury étrennes

15:00 Andrew Kahn Eighteenth-century Russian poetry and the point of signifying nothing

15.45 Coffee


Session 2 Chair: Gillian Pink

16.15 Kevin Hilliard Paper, pamphlets, books: the materiality of eighteenth-century poésie fugitive in France and Germany

17:00 Stéphanie Loubère « De longues préfaces » pour « de petits écrits »: Dorat poète et penseur de la légèreté

17.45 Roman Kuhn Reuse and/as literature? Poésie fugitive and the value of circulation

18:30 Drinks & Dinner


Friday, 12/04

9:30 Coffee


Session 3 Chair: Nicolas Fréry

09:45 Nicholas Cronk Verse in Voltaire’s correspondence: Is it really fugitive?

10:30 Kate Tunstall Biodegradable? La muse limonadière

11:15 Coffee


Session 4 Chair: Zoe Screti

11.45 Betty Schellenberg Centrifuge, circulation, and collection: The work of the manuscript verse miscellany in eighteenthcentury Britain

12.30 Alexander Huber Modelling contextuality in poetry corpora ontologically

13:15 Lunch

Voltaire Foundation

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